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Man and Machine's Visit to the Proflo Performance Workshop

A few weeks back Glenn Everitt from Man and Machine stopped in at the Proflo workshop while on the Aeroflow Power Tour. 

The episode went to air on 20th October and you can watch the full episode here: 

or if you want to skip to the the Proflo feature it begins at the 16 minute mark here:









Summernats 28, 2015


It was an action packed sprint to the finish line for this year’s Nats, with all the Proflo boys putting in the hours in the months leading up to make sure everyone had their cars ready to go. But with cars such as Matt Bell’s Yellow HG Monaro FAT G, Cathis Racing’s White VK SHUTEM, and Mick Duggan’s Magenta XY GETHRD to work on, it felt more like a bunch of mates hanging out together while working on some pretty tuff cars, rather than work. But that’s just what happens when you have a great crew to work with!

The Proflo doors were still open between Christmas and New Year putting the finishing touches on Paul’s close friend Adam Cleary’s 1957 Buick Riviera Special, SLAMED. Although this car had been previously finished and debuted at SEMA, there were a few things that needed some extra TLC from Proflo before it was ready to be unveiled in Canberra.

New Year’s Eve was pretty tame this time round and the boys were up early on the first day of 2015, pumped and ready for Summernats 28 in the Nation’s capital. Upon arrival the Buick was one of the first to move into the Top 60 Hall where it was covered up before the rest of the elite-level street machines filled up the Meguiar’s Judging Hall. On Friday night the Great Uncover took place in front of thousands of enthusiasts and Adam’s Buick was well received by the captivated crowd. It just looked stunning sitting there SLAMED on its 24inch billets. The judges thought so too with Adam taking home two of the top Elite Body Style awards for Artistic Expression and Top Custom Classic.

Another impressive car which made a huge impact this year was Paul Souma’s twin turbo 1956 Chevy ATTACK. Paul’s focus for the car this year was to participate in Horsepower Heroes in the forced induction 8-cylinder class. Having only dyno tested the car a week earlier in Sydney where it made 1977hp, the boys hoped to see 2000hp in Canberra. However on its first run up it spat out spark plug, but still managed to make 1478hp. The boys put it back in and ran it up again, this time reaching 1730hp with plenty of wheel spin, a high enough reading to get ATTACK to the next level. In the final it was discovered that the boost controller had nose-dived and as such the car was only making 22psi wastegate pressure instead of the desired 32psi. As a result the maximum recorded was 1585hp. Although the 2000hp mark wasn’t reached at Canberra the car shows immense potential! Paul placed 2nd in his dyno class overall and was awarded the Outstanding Engineering award for his dyno efforts. You can check out a video of the Chev on the dyno here:’56-chev-sedan-dynotest/

ATTACK also took home many Elite awards including 2nd in Top Standard Paint, Top Super Street, Outstanding Engineered Super Street, a nomination for Meguiar’s Show Car Super Stars, as well as a spot in the Top 10.

Speaking of elite awards, other cars that Proflo have worked on that did really well this year include Phil Mizzi’s Original Factory Paint 1954 Volkswagen Kombi Single cab GROVER, who picked up the Top Exhibition trophy, and Steve Xuereb’s Silver 1975 Holden HJ Premier Kingswood Sedan WILSEE, who took home 3rd in Top Special Effects Paint, Top Sedan, and also a place in the Top 20.

In the Street awards, Chris Rourke’s Silver 1978 Sigma Sedan FUKRTA, was the winner of Outstanding Engineering, and Allan El-Bayreh’s Teal 1971 Holden LC Torana FAT LC, won Top Interior, 3rd in Top Standard Paint, Top Tudor, as well as winning the Top Judged Street award.

In Tuff Street, Best Street Tuff went to Ned Prendja for his Silver 1977 Holden Torana LX Coupe ZOO350, Mike Duggan was the winner of Engineering Excellence Street Tuff for his Magenta 1971 Ford XY Sedan GETHRD, and Matt Bell’s Yellow 1970 Holden HG Monaro Coupe FAT G, won the Judges Hard Core Award, and was a Supreme Finalist in the Vibrance PPG Supreme Entrant Awards.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on your achievements!

Overall Summernats was a load of fun as usual, and it was great to see so many customers out there enjoying the event with their families, mates and cars.

Proflo Performance would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank sincerely all of their supporters, followers, clients and crew for their support and inspiration to keep doing what we do. Without you all it would not be possible, and it is greatly appreciated. Bring on 2015!!

Check out all of the pics by clicking on the Gallery tab and then Summernats 28, or click on this link here: